This Bal-Griha is meant not   only for disabled children Who have unfortunately lost their parents but also for poor family background  . The objective is to groom these children into good citizens and bring them to the mainstream of society. For this Gandhi vidya  mandir is leaving no stone unturned . Initially the Bal-Griha was established to take care of children like mother and accelerate educational development in a family environment. Gradually , Bal-Griha has also commenced providing shelter, food , medical and education facilities to physically handicapped children  as well.

  • Strengthening moral fabric to the highest level.
  • Committed to using all assistance from donators in a scrupulous  manner .
  • Striving for creative and constructive development of children in a family like environment .
  • Organizing extra classes by qualified teachers for difficult subjects.
  • Providing library and reading room facilities to make them familiar with Indian culture and to inculcate human values in them.

Honing the professional skills with regular studies.